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The revolutionary method to detect, directly in your office,
and in real-time the bioavailability of trace elements
and heavy metal intoxication.

Hand held, Portable device

The OligoScan technology allows you to make a quick
and precise analysis of the trace elements
and heavy metals in the tissues of your patients.


The method used by the OligoScan
to obtain results on the amount
of trace elements in tissues
is the spectrophotometry.

Innovative OligoScan

A quick and precise analysis of the trace elements
and heavy metals in the tissues of your patients.

Oligosens Pro - Silisens

SiliSens is a subtle combination of organic and vegetable silicon. It has an effective action in joints and bones.

Silicon is essential for the synthesis of connective tissue proteins such as collagen and elastin that contribute to cartilage regeneration.

Mineral silica, and organic silica

Silisens:  a subtle combination of organic and silica from plant

  • A Silisens capsule contains 134 mg Odontella aurita (micro algae food) 
  • 66 mg choline stabilized orthosilicic acid

In terms of silica, each capsule provides 2.8% silica with 74 % of it silica in the form of orthosilicic acid and 26 % in the form of the organic silica from the Odontella algae which is a highly absorbable silica at 14.7 mg per capsule.

What is very important is that silica from the microalgae is already preassimilated by a living creature giving it its high bioavailability. According to the principles of quantum medicine, inorganic molecule transformed by the plant or animal kingdom (diatoms) carries the special memory of the biological activity of the ocean through the biogenic silica (a relation can be made between the memory of the water and vectoring information via the silica).

Properties and indications

1. Action on the joints Silica is essential for the synthesis of connective tissue proteins such as collagen and elastin that contribute to cartilage regeneration. Hyaluronic acid which gives elasticity to the cartilage is also rich in silica. Silica also plays a role in the strength of tendons and ligaments.

Indications: osteoarthritis, tendinitis, ligament weakness.

2. Action in bones Silica is involved in the formation of the skeleton and calcification. It is a powerful mineralizing agent because it stimulates the binding of calcium in the bones.

Indications: osteoporosis, fracture healing, loss of teeth.

3. Action at the vascular level The walls of blood vessels contain a lot of our collagen and elastin, whose synthesis depends on the silica. It will therefore contribute to the flexibility of arterial walls that protect us from hypertension and atherosclerotic lesions. It will also enhance the tonicity of veins

Indications: prevention of stroke, varicose veins.

4. Action on the skin Our reserve of silica decreases with age and from the forties, we begin to notice a loss of elasticity and sagging of skin with some wrinkles. This is logical because the silica in the synthesis of collagen and elastin is responsible for skin tonification. Silica is also essential for proper hydration of the skin.

Indications:  skin aging (wrinkles, stretch marks), poor wound healing, acne, eczema, psoriasis.

5. Action on the hair and nails Hair and nails are keratinized tissue in which the silica is found in large quantities as it contributes to the quality of hair and nail strength.

Indications: prevention and treatment of hair loss, thin and brittle hair, brittle nails.
6. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action of silica explained by its role in the modulating of the cytokines, messengers of inflammation. This action is especially found in inflammation and pain of the locomotor system.

Indications: pain, muscle or joint inflammation.

7. Action in cell membranes There is a difference in electrical potential between the inside and outside of the cell membrane that allows exchange between the cells and the external medium (nutrient and waste disposal). Silica allows to adjust this imbalance when membrane potential is unbalanced and thus ensures optimum cell function.

Indications: prevention of cell aging, aid in the treatment of certain chronic diseases.

8. Action on aluminum neutralizing Silica neutralizes the harmful effects of aluminum by reducing its intestinal absorption and increasing its elimination by the kidneys.

Indications: prevention of brain aging, Alzheimer's.

Usage tips

The recommended dose is 2 capsules per day, which represents a daily intake of 29.4 mg of silicon.


Cellulose  - Odontella Aurita : 268,00 mg - Orthosilicic acid stabilized by choline  : 132,00 mg - Orthosilicic acid (56 %) Potassium lactate (12,90 %) ; - Lactic acid (12,90 %) ; Choline chloride (10,60 %) ; Osmosis water : (7,6 %) Magnesium silicate, Colloidal silica ; Magnesium stearate ; Marine gelatine capsule.


Bottle of 60 capsules.


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