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The revolutionary method to detect, directly in your office,
and in real-time the bioavailability of trace elements
and heavy metal intoxication.

Hand held, Portable device

The OligoScan technology allows you to make a quick
and precise analysis of the trace elements
and heavy metals in the tissues of your patients.


The method used by the OligoScan
to obtain results on the amount
of trace elements in tissues
is the spectrophotometry.

Innovative OligoScan

A quick and precise analysis of the trace elements
and heavy metals in the tissues of your patients.

Oligosens Pro - Liposomal Coq10

Liposomal Coq10 is a dietary supplement that supports the activity of muscle cells and mainly those of the heart muscle.

This natural molecule is also a major antioxidant particularly useful in its action on cholesterol, of which it prevents oxidation and deposition on the arterial walls.

General information on coenzyme Q10

Everyone now knows about coenzyme Q10, which is one of the essential fuels for mitochondria. It has been used for a long time as a food supplement to support the activity of muscle cells, particularly those in the cardiac muscle. Muscle cells contain extremely large numbers of highly active mitochondria, because these organelles are responsible for generating the energy required for the cells and the body as a whole to function. This natural molecule is also an important antioxidant, which is particularly useful in terms of its effect on cholesterol, of which it prevents the oxidation and subsequent deposition on the arterial wall.

Concentrations of coenzyme Q10 begin to fall from the age of 20, becoming virtually non-existent by about fifty years of age. The reduction in this coenzyme therefore increases the risks of heart disorders, weakness and muscle wasting. It accelerates general ageing, leading to a loss of effectiveness of the immune system and a decline in general vitality. In view of these factors, it is clearly absolutely vital to maintain adequate levels of coenzyme Q10 in the body in order to benefit from its disease-preventing effects and to remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

The usefulness of encapsulation technology

This technology of encapsulating active substances within a liposome is known to help these active substances to penetrate cell membranes, which are mostly made of phospholipids (fatty acids), because fatty acids tend to attract one another. This is all the more true in the case of coenzyme Q10, because it has a natural affinity for lipids. This is why it is generally advised to take food supplements based on coenzyme Q10 with a meal to improve its assimilation.

Indications for treatment with Liposomal CoQ10

  • Cardiac or circulatory disorders: arrhythmias - heart failure - hypertension - high cholesterol - atheromatous plaques.
  • Anti-ageing: protecting cells from free radicals - improved oxygenation of cells and therefore of the body as a whole - protection of intellectual faculties and protection against neuronal degeneration.
  • For the muscles: loss of power and poor muscle tone. 
  • Immune system: improves the body's defensive immune response.
  • Metabolism of sugars and weight gain: taking coenzyme Q10 can be helpful in cases of diabetes, either with or without overweight - weight stabilisation after a diet.  
  • Periodontal disease and gingivitis: periodontal disease and gum inflammation, with or without gum retraction - tooth decay.
  • For sports: to achieve increased energy, endurance, improved muscle tone - reducing aching and stiffness.

Usage tips

  • General: recommended dose: 4 ml of Liposomal CoQ10 once daily in a glass of fruit juice.
  • In cases of advanced disease: 6 ml daily in a glass of fruit juice.
  • Shake the bottle gently before use.
  • Keep the bottle in the refrigerator after opening. Use within 45 days of opening.


Per 500 mg: Purified water - Natural colouring - Starch from nonGM tapioca - Potassium sorbate - Coenzyme Q-10 (in the form of ubiquinone) 200 mg. Composition of liposome: Phosphatidylcholine (extract of non-GM sunflower oil) - Vegetable glycerine complex - Non-GM oleic acid.


Bottle containing 175 ml (liquid product).


This nutritional supplement can be combined with all other medicines or other nutritional supplements. It causes no side-effects and it can be recommended to all.

Liposomal Coq10

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