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The revolutionary method to detect, directly in your office,
and in real-time the bioavailability of trace elements
and heavy metal intoxication.

Hand held, Portable device

The OligoScan technology allows you to make a quick
and precise analysis of the trace elements
and heavy metals in the tissues of your patients.


The method used by the OligoScan
to obtain results on the amount
of trace elements in tissues
is the spectrophotometry.

Innovative OligoScan

A quick and precise analysis of the trace elements
and heavy metals in the tissues of your patients.

Oligosens Pro - Metout

MetOut is a food supplement that contributes to the elimination of heavy metals.

It optimizes protection against various chemicals and radioactive substances. It therefore contributes to the normal production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function.

Chlorophyll with Magnesium

Chlorophyll is very useful in detoxification of heavy metals. It removes heavy metals and purifies the blood and body tissues. It improves the circulation of blood and facilitates oxygenation in our cells. When chlorophyll is absorbed, an increase is seen in the number of local capillaries and an increase in local circulation. Once they have been removed and chelated by Modifilan, heavy metals have to be eliminated as quickly as possible by the major excretory organs, which are the liver, the kidneys and the bowel. Once again it is chlorophyll that supports this work of detoxifying the liver and improves renal function. It also regulates bowel function and chelates the various forms of waste that are present within the lumen of the bowel.

Laminaria japonica

The many properties of kelp have been known for thousands of years. Research throughout the world has shown that the brown kelp laminaria japonica contains a number of active ingredients which are of considerable therapeutic value.

A specific method of extraction

MetOut is the best purified organic extract of brown kelp (Laminaria Japonica), but it is also the most bioavailable, for two reasons:

  • It is extracted at below 80C, which prevents destruction of natural microelements.
  • The patented extraction method makes it possible to keep only the central part of the kelp while removing the highly fibrous, indigestible outer part. It is the central part which is richest in active ingredients. Production of 1 kg of Modifilan requires 40 kg of kelp.

Four vital active ingredients

Laminaria japonica contains four very useful active ingredients:

  • Organic iodine: which regulates thyroid metabolism and the nervous system.
  • Alginate: which traps heavy metals, free radicals and radioactive substances.
  • Fucoidan: a complex polysaccharide which promotes apoptosis and destruction of cancer cells. 
  • Laminarine: a polysaccharide with benefits in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It has 30% of the antithrombotic activity of heparin.

The effects of these key active ingredients

  • Detoxification of heavy metals : the alginate effectively captures heavy metals, allowing mercury, aluminium, cadmium cobalt and radium and also radioactive substances to be trapped and eliminated from cells. These various toxins gradually accumulate within our bodies and can eventually cause the diseases prevalent in our society (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, cancers etc.) Mercury, which is mainly found in dental amalgam, fish and pesticides, is 5000 times more toxic to the body than lead. It mainly accumulates in vital organs such as the brain, the kidney, the liver and the nervous system. It is now known that the aluminium hydroxide contained in many vaccines is the cause of many diseases such as macrophagic myofasciitis and Alzheimer's disease. Alginate allows smokers to eliminate the strontium and cadmium that are contained in cigarettes. Alginate is considered to be the best chelator of heavy metals, because it not only traps these toxins but it also helps to eliminate them from the body entirely.
  • Detoxification of free radicals and radioactive substances: radioactive pollution, X-rays, microwaves, high-tension power lines, television sets, computers, mobile phones and cell masts all represent sources of harmful radiation. These rays generate free radicals which increase cell ageing and cause birth defects. They also play a part in the development of more serious health problems such as leukaemia and cancer. The harm that is done by these various forms of pollution can be alleviated to a large extent by Modifilan. This product has been used successfully to treat some of the victims of the Chernobyl disaster.
  • Prevention and protection for patients with cancer :  Modifilan contains fucoidan, which is a complex polysaccharide. Recent research in Japan has shown that all the cancer cells in a culture died within less than 72 hours in the presence of fucoidan. This is a kind of self-destruction, since the DNA in these cancerous cells is destroyed by the digestive enzymes contained in the cells themselves. This self-destruction is called apoptosis. This may help to understand to some extent why the inhabitants of the province of Okinawa in Japan have the lowest cancer rates in the whole country. This population consumes an average of 1 gram per day of kombu, another kelp which also contains high levels of fucoidan.

Usage tips

  • Approximately 1 gel capsule for each 10 kilos of body weight
  • The gel capsules should be taken on an empty stomach with a large glass of water, preferably in the mornings on an empty stomach. Avoid taking the product in the evening, because it has positive effects on energy and may therefore impair sleep quality.


Laminaria Japonica 266 mg - Magnesium chlorophyllin 114 mg - Magnesium silicate - Marine gelatin shell 95 mg. Total per gel capsule 485 mg.


Bottle containing 180 gel capsules.


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